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About Us

Born in Canada. Inspired by the World. 

“Eco-friendly cotton” is the meaning behind our brand Eotton®

Eotton is a family business. We wanted  to create a  brand that is the purest, natural and truly sustainable clothes (and toys) on the market for babies and children made of exclusively organic cotton. But not just organic cotton. The colour grown cotton. It is different and it is a game changer. In short, it is by far more sustainable, durable, soft and pure cotton than any other cotton produced in the world.

Years of experience in the textile industry with international baby clothing companies gave us all the knowledge and resources to make it possible.

Our core classic collection is made of colour grown cotton: unbleached and undyed organic cotton in different shades of brown.

This is the most sustainable, environment friendly and pure way to grow cotton as there is no dyes, bleach or harmful chemicals used at any stage of production. That means less water, no harm for the soil and no harm for babies skin.

Our clothes is truly Breathable, Natural and Hypoallergenic.

That is so important for all babies (and adults, to be honest, just think about hormonal disruptions caused by chemicals in clothes). But it is vital for babies prone to eczema and premature babies.

We want to help you cultivate a healthy, enriching environment for your family and at the same time nourish and preserve the world in which they will grow. Choosing organic is more than a decision, it’s a lifestyle.

We feel so proud to be a part of your little one’s lives from birth to pre-school, and we strive every day to live up to our potential.

Thanks for Shopping with Eotton® -- Nature's Gentle Touch®


I am Yulia, the exclusive representative of Eotton in UK.

I discovered this brand when my baby boy was born 2 years ago.

As a top personal trainer and a nutritional therapist in London with over 12 years of experience, I have always been aware of the impact of non-organic food on our body and the planet. I would choose organic as much as possible to minimise the harmful effect of toxins and pesticides.

Naturally, once I started researching baby brands I looked for the most sustainable  and pure ones.

I found Eotton to be the best quality on the market for babies. But it wasn’t represented in UK.

It was a great opportunity and I am really happy to be able to introduce you to this wonderful brand.

If you ever have any questions feel free to message me. I am just one email away!

Yulia Morris