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Organic "Feather" Hat

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In cold weather, your baby tends to lose a lot of their body heat through their head, making a hat an absolute must for outings. Our soft, organic cotton cap is a warm, cosy solution that adds a touch of style in the process. This design features a black-and-white motif of beautiful bird feathers and playful arrows, ending in a sweet little knot detail at the tippy top. The folded bottom edge is wide and soft on baby's brow, letting you fit it on snugly to help them stay warm.

  • External tag won't rub against or irritate baby's scalp or neck.
  • Knot detail at the top makes it easy to remove hat once baby is indoors.
  • Designed for gender-neutral style, this hat is ideal for any little one.
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  • Important Safety Note: Keep Away from Fire.